Made from premium tested teff and leafy green lucerne hay, our Teff & Lucerne Hay Cubes offer the ideal low sugar / low starch forage alternative to hay or chaff.

Our Teff and Lucerne Hay Cubes are made from 100% pure premium leafy green irrigated Lucerne and high quality Teff hay free from unwanted additives in a highly palatable 32mm high fibre cube form.

Our Teff and Lucerne Hay Cubes are a cool low sugar all round feed for horses and ponies. They are low in NSC making them perfect for horses or ponies that need a low sugar / low starch diet such as those that suffer from metabolic diseases such as Laminitis or Cushings Disease.

Due to the fine stemmed nature of Teff we have not yet been able to produce a Teff only cube. We do however also produce Compressed Bales of straight Teff Hay if required.

Hay Cubes are the ideal base for any feed ration.

Available in convenient 20kg bags from your nearest stockist. Bulka Bags available on request.

Introducing Hay Cubes

  • Gradually introduce soaked Hay Cubes into your horse’s diet over a 14 day period.
  • Soak the hay cubes (1:1 ratio) in cold (1 hour) or warm (30 mins) water until properly softened.
  • After 14 days you can reduce the water gradually to feed the hay cubes dry, or if your horse prefers, they can continue to be fed soaked.
  • Offering Hay Cubes in smaller pieces as a treat allows horses and ponies to readily accept the alternative form.

Feeding Recommendations

  • Always feed by weight not volume.
  • Horses require a minimum of 1.5% of body weight (kg) of forage per day.
  • For example 4.5kg per day for a 300kg pony or 7.5kg for a 500kg horse.
  • Forage requirements depend on pasture availability, horse’s weight, age, size, condition and work level.
  • Fresh drinking water should always be available.
  • Consult a qualified nutritionist to develop a complete feeding plan specifically for your horse.


Like all stockfeeds, Hay Cubes must be stored in a cool, dry well ventilated area out of direct sunlight and protected from vermin.

Feed Test Results

Hay Cubes are a natural, nutritionally consistent alternative source of forage.

Hay is coarsely chopped to maintain an ideal fibre length and then compressed into 32mm Hay Cubes.

Hay Cubes use the entire plant, ensuring no selective foraging occurs.

Hay Cubes take longer to chew, which increases saliva production for easier digestion.

Hay Cubes are easy to chew for horses with worn or damaged teeth.

Feed by weight not volume. The consistent weight of Hay Cubes allows for quick and easy feed preparation.

Minimal dust occurs in Hay Cubes which can assist horses with respiratory problems.

Don’t waste substantial amounts of hay or chaff in the elements.

Safe Forage for Laminitis Prone Horses and Ponies

Learn more about feeding low sugar and low starch forage for your laminitis prone horse or pony from Dr Nerida Richards here.