Our Australian screened compressed straw bales are suitable for animal bedding or even the garden.

MultiCube straw bales have been compressed to 1/3 of the size of a conventional small bale.

Weighing a consistent 21-22kg per bale, they are easy to store and move. This makes them perfect for travel when space is at a premium.

Our bedding is available to be supplied in large quantities for events and venues. Contact us for more information

Compressed Wheaten Straw

MultiCube Compressed Wheaten Straw is the ideal product for stable bedding, calf bedding, or even spreading on the garden.

Compressed Barley Straw

MultiCube Compressed Barley Straw is long stem, soft and great for animal bedding. It is also an excellent addition to any garden as well as an algae prevention tool in ponds and dams.

Why use Compressed Straw?

  • Triple pass quality check and dust extracted
  • Consistent weight of 21-22kg per a bale
  • 300mm x 450mm x 450mm – 1/3rd the size of a standard bale!
  • Reduce waste – compression holds the biscuits together
  • Easy to store and stack