Made from premium tested hay, our Hay Cubes offer the ideal forage alternative to hay or chaff and are the ideal base for any feed ration.

Premium Australian hay is coarsely chopped to maintain an ideal fibre length which is then compressed using high pressure and temperature to form our Hay Cubes.

This unique process produces cubes that are highly palatable, easily digested, and free from any additives.

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Hay Cubes are a natural, nutritionally consistent alternative source of forage.

Hay is coarsely chopped to maintain an ideal fibre length and then compressed into 32mm Hay Cubes.

Hay Cubes use the entire plant, ensuring no selective foraging occurs.

Hay Cubes take longer to chew, which increases saliva production for easier digestion.

Hay Cubes are easy to chew for horses with worn or damaged teeth.

Feed by weight not volume. The consistent weight of Hay Cubes allows for quick and easy feed preparation.

Minimal dust occurs in Hay Cubes which can assist horses with respiratory problems.

Don’t waste substantial amounts of hay or chaff in the elements.