MultiCube Stockfeeds has produced quality Hay Cubes in Victoria, Australia since 1989. Premium Northern Victorian hay is grown on our farms and by selected growers to ensure our products are consistently high quality.

Premium hay is coarsely chopped to maintain ideal fibre length and then compressed to form our MultiCube Hay Cubes. This process provides a cube that is highly palatable, easily digested and free from unwanted additives.

The Benefits of feeding MultiCube Hay Cubes:

  • Nutritionally Consistent – While nutrient content may vary from one bale of hay to the next, little variation occurs in nutritional values of MultiCube Hay Cubes.

  • Palatable and easy to digest – Hay Cubes are easy for horses to chew, even if teeth are worn or damaged. Chewing creates saliva and aids with the digestion process.

  • Retained fibre length – Our hay is coarsely chopped to allow fibre length to be retained by the cubing process.

  • Easy portion control – Hay Cubes are fed by weight not volume. The consistent weight of Hay Cubes allows for quick easy feed time preparation.

  • Selective foraging is eliminated – Hay Cubes contain the entire plant, ensuring no selective separation occurs.

  • Reduced waste and minimal dust –  Horses can waste substantial amounts of conventional hay. Minimal dust occurs in our Hay Cubes, which assists horses with respiratory problems.

  • Convenient to stack, store and handle – Our Hay Cubes are denser than traditional hay and chaff; they take up less room when being stored and in the float when travelling.

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