It’s important to know your horses weight to ensure you are feeding your horse the correct amounts. Regularly weighing your horse will help you understand your horses health and optimal condition. The most accurate way to weigh a horse is using scales, that are usually available at your local equine vet. When this is not available our calculator offers a simple guide to your horses weight.

Adult Horse Weight Calculator

Use this handy tool to estimate the weight of your adult horse. If your horse is growing or a miniature we recommend using scales to weigh your horse for an accurate reading.

Place the tape around the horses barrel snuggly behind the elbow around behind the lowest part of the withers.

Place one end of the tape measure on the point of the shoulder and run it across to the point of the  horses buttock.

Note: This calculator is intended as an estimation only, and does not take into account your horses age or body type. MultiCube is not responsible for any problems arising from the use/misuse of this calculator.