MultiCube Grow ‘N’ Mulch made with 100% sustainable Australian Straw, is a simple yet effective natural ground cover for your garden.

When placed in an even layer and watered, the cubes will grow up to double their original size, creating a natural ground cover and an excellent environment for earthworms and micro-organisms. The soil retains higher moisture levels whilst plant roots remain cool, especially during Summer.

  • Conserves soil moisture and saves water
  • Unique cubed design that is thermally heat treated

  • Enhances plant growth

  • Environmentally friendly with no preservatives or additives

  • Encourages worm activity

  • Ideal for all types of mulching for garden beds including, roses, vegetables, pots, trees, shrubs and fruit trees

  • Prevents evasive weed growth

  • Adds essential organic matter to the soil as it breaks down

  • Protects soil from erosion

  • High in nitrogen

  • Insulates plant root systems and maintains moisture for root zones

  • Excellent for filling raised garden beds

Large Coverage

One 20kg bag covers 12m2 at 25mm