MultiCube is proud to support local events throughout Australia with its product range.

Please submit the following enquiry form to express interest in MultiCube supporting your event. Please ensure you read the following carefully before submitting your application:


  • MultiCube can only sponsor events with product prizes (not cash).
  • This form is for events only, we are not accepting applications from individuals.
  • No conflicting sponsors, event naming sponsors or major sponsors.


  • Provide our flyers in your competitor bags/competition office.
  • Display MultiCube signage if provided.
  • Provide tradestand space if we wish to attend the event.
  • Promote our products to your club.
  • Presentation photo opportunities if we have a representative at the event.


  • MultiCube will evaluate your application, and they will be in contact with you if they wish to sponsor your event.
  • Submitting an application does not guarantee sponsorship.
  • Any event sponsored will be evaluated to ensure expectations are met, this is the best way to ensure your event is supported again in the future.