MultiCube is a dedicated family owned grower and processor of hay and straw products, started in 1987 in the fertile Yarra Valley. Our innovation and dedication has kept MultiCube at the forefront of our industry.

We specialised in the production of small 2 tie square bales of Lucerne hay and Pasture, marketed to the Melbourne equine and livestock industries. Our family values, ownership and operation still continue to this day.

In 1997 we moved our farming and processing operations to Yarrawonga in Northern Victoria allowing  the expansion of both MultiCubes farming operations and also our centrally located hay processing plant.

Today, MultiCube farms in excess of 4000 acres consisting of dryland grown oaten hay, irrigated Lucerne hay (Alfalfa), Teff hay and Pasture hay. Utilising the benefits of minimal till farming, we strive to provide the highest quality hay for our valued customers.

The MultiCubes hay processing facility is continually growing and evolving – it now includes the largest cubing plant in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere, along with a modern hay compressing facility, which was the first hay press in the world to be able to produce both sliced (cut-down), and also teased hay for double compressing. Offering a variety of Cubed hay and Compressed hay, the range of hay products from MultiCube are intended to reduce the cost of transport and to make feeding your animals easier, cleaner and simpler.

We pride ourselves on producing the highest quality Hay Cubes found anywhere in the world.

Since the 1980’s, well before hay cubes as we know them today were introduced.

Starting in the 1980’s doing small square bales and round bales, our father Robert Riddell decided that we could do things better, he made hay easy. This means:

  • Less waste

  • Easy to feed & monitor portions

  • Easy to stack and store

  • Consistent nutrient value

  • Excellent digestibility

  • Minimal dust

  • Great for older ponies and horses with dental problems

  • Ideal for travelling and competitions

With improved Lucerne feeding in mind, we installed our first cuber in 1989. This produced Lucerne cubes for equine consumption, with great take up in sheep and cattle. From these simple origins, we’ve continued to expand our operation with the inclusion of more cube varieties as well as pressed hay bales across many varieties.

Today, we focus on providing premium irrigated Lucerne and Cereal hay sourced from farmland across Victoria and New South Wales to stock all over the continent. While you’ll find other cubes on the market, you can rest assured that ours are not only the freshest, they’re also the highest quality cubes to be found anywhere in the world.Whether you’re looking for a great base for your animal feeds with our range of cubes, or you’re looking for hay bales that are easy to store and transport, look no further than MultiCube.

We’re proud to say that our hay and cubes are the best Australia has to offer.